Yet another Single Channel Encoder

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Re: Yet another Single Channel Encoder

Post by Mike_K » 14 May 2019, 07:36

Hi Martin

Thanks for the advice. I did some tests with OpenSCAD last night and I can generate STL files with errors by just touching two parts together, not overlapping them as you suggested. The errors disappear once things overlap. Interestingly I checked the STL files for the enclosure base and body online that I had already printed OK and found they all had errors as well.

I then started a test print last night of a small piece of the lid, that had completed this morning and yes things are a lot better, but still not perfect. So I've re-checked what the smallest x/y resolution my printer can do and I'm probably expecting too much from it. So now I need to go through the complete .scad file and ensure everything overlaps and then get it commercially printed, probably by a different process to our FDM.



Thanks for the offer, but I hope you don't mind if I decline for the moment., The OS Pixie MK2 case has been my personal challenge for the last year or two and I really want to complete it on my own, I'll happily take advice, but I would like to finish it without outside help if possible. I now understand why I'm generating STL errors, I just need to go through the complete .scad file and make sure everything overlaps then try again. But I will definitely share the .scad and STL files once it's complete.

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Re: Yet another Single Channel Encoder

Post by MaxZ » 18 May 2019, 15:38

Hi all,

Today, I have successfully flown the Tomboy on S/C! Two flights, both on the umbilical cord with my propo Tx. The start of the first flight was still on propo, the second on S/C from the start. Propo interventions were minimal.
I am still struggling with the throttle blips though, especially on landing. I misjudged the second landing and managed to put it down in the only water filled ditch from the ones surrounding the field. Well, mostly in the reeds with just the nose touching water. No further damage occurred, so a dry out will see it flying again. :D :D


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Re: Yet another Single Channel Encoder

Post by Wayne_H » 19 May 2019, 01:01

Well done Max ;)

Once a Retrobate, always a Retrobate............ :roll:

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