Martin's ATtiny85 pulser boards on eBay

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Martin's ATtiny85 pulser boards on eBay

Post by Martin » 14 Mar 2019, 18:02

I just put the first batch of ten up for sale on eBay. I'm charging ten pounds each with free delivery to the UK, and an extra £2.50 for international delivery - but let me know if you want more than one, as the boards are tiny and light so I can absorb the postage costs for multiple sales.

According to eBay, when I listed the item, if you use this link instead of searching on eBay, it reduces the charges I have to pay, somehow, :?

ebay listing

Let me know if you spot any mistakes in the listing. I'm not used to listing multiple items so I might well have cocked it up - I think there's a way for me to edit the listing if necessary :?

I don't know if the listing runs out in seven days even if all the items haven't sold, or if I have to relist them or whatever. You can always drop me a Private message here if eBay isn't working out.

I'm hoping to keep this thread fairly uncluttered so that people can find the information they need easily. Please post in the other thread for general comments.

Click image for larger view.
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