Mini two channel propo

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Mini two channel propo

Post by Phil_G » 22 Apr 2019, 17:49

This set has been hanging around unfinished on my bench for (I can hardly believe) seven years!
Its such a long time I had to prove it to myself by finding the RS invoice for the case (583-094) bought in 2012! The idea was that a really small 2 channel set would be great for slope soaring, but then theres always been something else to do. So I decided to finish it at last!


Its a 2+1, propo rudder & elevator, digital trims plus sequential throttle, and has two elevon mixer options, channels 5 & 6 are permanent elevon channels, so in a flying wing I'd use channels 5 & 6 and in a rudder-elevator glider 1 & 2. Theres also a link option for elevon on ch1 & 2 just in case its only a 4ch receiver.
Inside its really cramped, as the stick unit takes up most of the space. It uses a Frsky DHT (without the bind board), a DigiSpark and a PP3 2S lithium. The size is somewhere between the Micro-2 and the Horizon 2, but it should be more 'flyable' than the Micro-2 as it has a proper Futaba stick unit. Its unflown as yet but I'm sure it will be fine, there's nothing new in it :D It does need a badge!

Gratutious butt shot... :lol:

Here are some pics of the case preparation, dated November 2012!
The round hole was cut with a stationery compass used backwards as a scraper (Neil's idea!)
which took a while but gave a very neat hole:





Now somewhere, if I cant find it, I have an Alula kit...


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Re: Mini two channel propo

Post by NeilMac » 22 Apr 2019, 19:02

That looks great, and as shown in your photo, it is just the right size for me to slip into my back pocket, and then sit on, having almost instantly forgotten where I have put it.
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Re: Mini two channel propo

Post by jmendoza » 11 May 2019, 19:05

Wow Phil, perfect for gliders,
especially flying wings with micro 4 channel (AR400) receivers.

Sounds idea for my Alula,
or my DAW Me 163a Komet.

Can you post the sketch?

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