The 'Mode-zero Goblin' a simple S/C or intermediate glider

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Re: The 'Mode-zero Goblin' a simple S/C or intermediate glider

Post by Wayne_H » 07 May 2019, 04:19

glyn wrote:
10 Mar 2019, 10:51
Hi, I have recently finished my Goblin and I had hoped to send some pictures post first flight but alas it is still unflown due to the weather. ......
Hi Glyn, have you had those first flights yet? If so, your thoughts please on any pitch trimming device

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Re: The 'Mode-zero Goblin' a simple S/C or intermediate glider

Post by glyn » 14 May 2019, 19:32

Hi Wayne
Sorry to take so long to reply. I haven't looked in the slope soarer section for a while.

I have tried the Goblin without an elevator but it was very difficult to trim. It was very stally and I just could not stop this problem. I tried packing the rear of the wing up (about 3mm) and also put the CG to the front of the recommended range. It still stalled and was difficult to fly. I have now fitted an elevator but as yet I have not tried to fly it.

I think the model has the double whammy of a short moment arm and a small tailplane. I think it should be OK now with an elevator. Phil's model flew extremely well with rudder only so it must be me! It will be a very floaty model when sorted out I think.

Good luck with yours and cheers.


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Re: The 'Mode-zero Goblin' a simple S/C or intermediate glider

Post by Phil_G » 14 May 2019, 23:26

Hi Glyn, I trim mine by moving the battery forward in stronger winds, so far I've always left
the decalage as it is, though mine was a bit stally when I did the Pixie+Pixie video, the wind was
quite strong that day. I find once you've killed the stall with well-timed rudder it settles nicely,
but the next gust can upset it again. Very much like my old S/C gliders were :D
The trouble with wing-packing is the wider chord always makes the amount seem extreme when
you're used to tailplane packing :D
I've not flown the Moonbeam yet, that also has loads of decalage and John Kay mentions that the
Vtail surfaces need to be drooped a few degrees. I remember my old one used to loop ok after
a one-turn spiral - lots of speed/pitch coupling.

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