Pulstar 36

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Pulstar 36

Post by Carl » 01 Aug 2019, 20:38

I bet no one would expect a Pulstar to be still flown.

When I built mine it came out a little too heavy but still flew well, but the glide was fast with a quick sink rate. After trying a Blunderbird wing on mine with some success, and having a couple sheets of 1/16" balsa spare I decided I would build a 36" wing for my Pulstar.

With the 27" wing my Pulstar weighed in at 11oz - mainly because using a vintage Mattel pulse propo system was quite weighty.

With the 36" wing it weighed in at 12oz. So it's 1oz heavier, but will that make it worse? Well with the 27" wing, the wing loading works out at 13oz/sq.ft and the 36" wing reduces that to 10.5oz/sq.ft, which is a much lower wing loading.

The proof was with flying it today, and it flew great :D Once the motor cuts (it has a timer) it had a great glide. I was launching with 70% power, and wanted to increase that to gain more height, but at 80% it would porpoise a little, so will add a little extra downthrust to try and counteract that. It would be nice to gain the extra height and enjoy longer glide times. The other issue is the rudder wasn't very effective (there were many others who felt the same last year), so will make it a little larger.

Unfortunately I'd set my camera to take photos instead of video. So the following video is simply a sequence of images for one of the flights:



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Re: Pulstar 36

Post by NeilMac » 03 Aug 2019, 06:41

Looks great Carl.

I need a plane like that for days like yesterday when the wind was slowly dropping all afternoon.
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