Black wire blues.....

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Black wire blues.....

Post by PaulJ » 02 Aug 2019, 08:51

Just about every old set that I have converted has suffered from corrosion of the negative wire, sometimes so badly that it had got to the main pc board and corroded that too....... and now I have even found some on my fullsize boat which uses special tinned "marine" wire. :roll: I have seen a number of theories over the years but does anybody on the forum REALLY know what causes it? :?


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Re: Black wire blues.....

Post by Spike S » 02 Aug 2019, 09:36

Gremlins ! :evil:
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Re: Black wire blues.....

Post by bluejets » 02 Aug 2019, 11:13

It's a form of electrolysis ..used to happen in the old 300 ohm tv aerial cables too.
In the rc gear it works it's way from the battery out.
Sometimes one will notice the charge capacity of the batteries seems to be getting low when it fact it's the rotten cable.

Most important thing is, as you found out, get it before it gets to your receiver.

In many instances where it doesn't get to the receiver is when it hits any on-off switch first and there's no receiver left to damage from the crash.

Only fix is find it early and replace it.

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