V8 DIY module failure

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Re: V8 DIY module failure

Post by F2B » 03 Oct 2019, 13:01

Phil_G wrote:
02 Oct 2019, 20:40
F2B wrote:
02 Oct 2019, 18:04
So I'm afraid FrSky, that had been my favourite for a decade, has closed the door on us.
Not really Bruno, they've just evolved to their X series, which are perfectly usable for our purposes.
The V8 series ran out of guids so they had run their course, and the D8s dont comply with EU LBT regs so they cant sell them in the EU once stock is gone. Far from Frsky "closing the door on us", they've come up with a new replacement in the XJT which allows us to continue whilst keeping the EU bureaucrats happy.
That is more or less where our misunderstanding comes from.
Our authorities sort of mentioned in their rules, that 'any alteration makes the compliance void'. Having asked, that meant for instance, that taking the XJT out of it's case would void it's use.
There was no mention of taking off the shrink wrap though, so I decided that was OK for a DHT.
How I'd wish they would supply a shrink wrapped XHT!
I know that putting the (intact) module in a slot of a new S/C TX box is possible (you made a great example of that), but I was after a compact version, calling for a ‘circuit board module‘.
Phil_G wrote:
02 Oct 2019, 18:04
F2B wrote:
02 Oct 2019, 18:04
Since both Orange and FlySky are not allowed here [the Netherlands - Phil_G], effectively homebuilts are a thing of the past here... :(
Why is that Bruno? both are compliant, I'm sure I recall seeing FCC certs for both.
There are still plenty of used DM8 & DM9 modules out there, surely they must be compliant.
FCC, doesn’t mean it has CE approval as well. Sometimes, yes, but not always.
The CE markings on Orange stuff don’t have any legal value here. I wish they had...
Because to be legal, stuff must be imported into the EU trading zone and the importer should apply for a CE allowance. Doable, but only cost effective when trading large quantities.
HK cleverly doesn’t supply the Orange and FrSky items from their EU warehouse, only Global.
Which makes the customer the legal importer and stuck with all the legal issues....
There is no other importer for both Orange and FlySky, so that would come on the shoulders of each individual. The cost of getting ones own individually imported material CE approved is prohibitive to the average aeromodeller/RC tinkerer...

It’s not so much that not 100% following the rules scares me off, but for the times I am flying on club sites (as in: at home), where insurance issues would make my stuff illegal there, it would spoil my fun..
If all that's left would be a XJT in a JR shaped slot, then that's what we'll do. :lol:

Looking at it all, the UK seems to be better off here.
Phil_G wrote:
02 Oct 2019, 20:40
Still lots of options, no need to buy a Horus yet :lol:
:shock: ....... :lol:

And yes, when I've finished the second proto Little Black Box, I'll do some documentation. Promised ;)
F2B or not to be....

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