2.4 modules discontinued!

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Re: 2.4 modules discontinued!

Post by jackdaw » 11 Feb 2020, 17:31

A little more info about the multi protocol module. By chance I was watching this video on updating the internal MPM in the Jumper T16(already done mine before this video) and a comment was made that made my ears pick up. A comment about the 'fine tune facility', when using FrSky and compatible FrSky Rx, was made that stated that it was soon to be made automatic as has always been the case for FrSky. This may answer the comments on why this was necessary. ie it only seemed necessary as it was 'manual' where as its auto(hidden) with FrSky equipement. This would also apply to the external module that we are interested in here.
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Re: 2.4 modules discontinued! Question for Phil

Post by jmendoza » 09 Mar 2020, 17:21

I was thinking (I know, that is dangerous) and wanted to ask you a question:

Is it possible to use the serial output of the Arduino, or in my case the Pro Mini Strong, to connect to the multiprotocol modules that do not have a selector switch for PPM? I assume this would require statements to be added to the sketch.

It appears this might be the only way to go in the future because even the proposed Lemon RX module has no protocol selector switch for manual selection of PPM output and appears to be a serial device.

I suspect that despite a strong market for conversion modules, especially the DIY and non-serial modules, the manufacturers have discontinued them because they are undercutting the new transmitter sales. Itis interesting to note that right as the HK discontinued their FrSky, Corona and Orange modules, they doubled the price on the few remaining ones they had. In addition, at the same time, all the multi-protocol modules are now twice the price as well.

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Re: 2.4 modules discontinued!

Post by Wayne_H » 10 Mar 2020, 09:51

Despite genuine physical altercations in Australian supermarkets over which punter deserves the last packet of toilet paper before the COVID19 Armageddon ends life as we know it, the impacts on Chinese production and distribution facilities are a real consequence. It can only mean further difficulties and/or delays for end users like us once local importer's stocks are exhausted .

It will take time for manufacturers to get back up to full scale production once permitted to operate by their government and longer for local stock levels to be replenished. I fear it may well provide justification for manufacturers to "rationalise" their range and pricing "policies".

Time will tell.🤔

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Re: 2.4 modules discontinued!

Post by jmendoza » 10 Mar 2020, 19:29

I would like to blame the Coronavirus,but the fact is that HK over the last 6 months has slowly been discontinuing their 2.4GHz modules, Orange RX, Corona, and FrSky.

At first, HK ran out and quit offering the auto versions for Futaba, then they quit offering the switchable Futaba modules, and now the auto and switchable JR/Spektrum versions are no longer available along with the DIY Orange module and finally they discontinued the FrSky DIY DHT. It is apparent this is not a supply problem, and more of an issue related to the demand for these modules. Maybe there was very little demand, or they had other reasons, like wanting to sell you a complete Tx. and kill off the retro-conversion business which cuts into their new transmitter sales.

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