LGT8F328P Replacement for ATMEGA328Pat 32MHz

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Re: LGT8F328P Replacement for ATMEGA328Pat 32MHz

Post by F2B » 19 Sep 2019, 19:57

Martin wrote:
09 Aug 2019, 22:41
The Pro Mini is pretty much a Nano without the USB socket and the USB interface chip. It also lacks the 6-pin ICSP pads though, which makes using a USBASP for programming slightly more hassle.
RON wrote:
09 Aug 2019, 22:59
Thanks martin,
Yes I’ve used those before. Slightly weird off set pins on the middle. A bit awkward to wire up for programming and they don’t fit in vero either.
My thoughts exactly, but I've found these to my liking:
https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-2-5-10PCS-go ... 0012.m1985
All (to me) useful pins are on the outside AND at a 0.1" grid.
I satisfactorily (is that English? :? :lol: )used some already, including in my Little Black Box:
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Re: LGT8F328P Replacement for ATMEGA328Pat 32MHz

Post by Mike_K » 19 Jan 2020, 17:43

Just a slight word of caution. The above aren't really arduino pro minis at all, as they haven't got the normal AVR ATMega 328P (like a Uno, Pro Mini or Nano), but a Logic Green LGT8F328P clone processor. They work quite well, but there are a number of differences, some good, such as 32MHz clock speed at 3.3V, 12 bit ADC and a lot cheaper, but some not so good, such as many libraries not working without modification, not as many I/O (in this version), inferior support and documentation and you need a different Arduino board core to get them to work. Selecting pro mini from the boards menu won't work!


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