RedFin 099 MK I TBR RVTwinFin

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RedFin 099 MK I TBR RVTwinFin

Post by jackdaw » 29 Apr 2018, 09:59

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Anyone got/used/ or know anything about this engine. Its the larger of the opposed twins that Alex sells. I've got the Aero modeller test on the smaller one, but can find no user info on the larger unit. ... rvtwinfin/
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Re: RedFin 099 MK I TBR RVTwinFin

Post by MickC » 04 Apr 2019, 22:11


Perhaps a bit late and perhaps the question is now out of date, but I have recently bought one of these. It runs fine - it's a twin ball race motor with reed valves. I received strict instructions to start it with the carb pointing down so it doesn't flood and break the crank or a rod. Also instructions to back off the trailing cylinder comp and start on one cylinder, When it fires up - and it runs okay on one - wind the comp up. I then back off both screws, one at a time, until it misfires and then screw them in a touch. The motor is well behaved and ran well on a 7x5 wood which was the nearest I had at the time. It improved after about half an hour of running. I've not used it since...


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Re: RedFin 099 MK I TBR RVTwinFin

Post by Shaun » 04 Apr 2019, 23:31

Aeromodelling porn :o


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