NRF24 receiver and brushed motors

From brushed to brushless
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NRF24 receiver and brushed motors

Post by MaxZ » 23 Jun 2020, 12:58

With the advent of 2.4 GHz DIY systems, see viewtopic.php?f=42&t=968 , I am considering the possibilities for its use. Flying models with it will be a bit of a concern in my country, for insurance reasons.
So I will install it in one of my RC sailing dinghies for sure. But I do have a Springer Tug boat fitted with a good old Mabuchi 540/550, and I would like to convert that too.

I know I could buy a forward/reverse ESC for brushed motors and simply plug it into one of the servo output ports, but it occurred to me that it could possibly be a bit simpler than that, as the ESC logic can be integrated in the Arduino, including the conversion from the received signal into true PWM, leaving just the power fets to add. At least that is my thinking, but I need an expert to confirm this, and hopefully come up with an appropriate schematic for the H-bridge and associated components.

Like Frank (tiptipflyer) I also have an original Tamiya Wild Willy sitting on a shelf, and I am also thinking of Gigafying that. Mind you, I could use the original servo operated resistor speed controller and reversal still fitted inside....... :shock: :D


Edit: having said that, HK is selling a 15A continuous for less that 7 euros (forward, brake, reverse, 2s max.), you can't beat that! I must confess I ordered some.......
But I still need something for my Tug...

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Re: NRF24 receiver and brushed motors

Post by tiptipflyer » 23 Jun 2020, 18:29

Hi Max,
last weekend I was playing with my Wild Willy a lot. I am using one of these ESC for brushed motors. They have three different modes and are usable for boats and cars. The ESC works real great, very smooth transition from off to full power, reduced reverse power, breake if you need it ( you can obmit the break via a jumper for boat use ).
The ESC didnt cause any trouble, but the original motor burned out after two days of hard use ( well, it was over 35 years old). Now I have installed a new brushed motor and the Willy is going even stronger. No problems at all. I am using one of the NRF24 radios off course (no problem either). ... 2749.l2649
One of this could be as good as well, they are a little cheaper, but I still have to test it: ... 2749.l2649

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Re: NRF24 receiver and brushed motors

Post by bluejets » 24 Jun 2020, 01:15

For the F150 Ranger XLT rebuild i did last year, I used an off the shelf system all round.
Receiver is a tiny 3 channel as used with the Turnigy T6A radio and a fairly simple esc (el-cheapo from Ebay) and it all works great.
The new short length antenna sticks out just on the passenger window as opposed to the original Sanwa about a foot and a half long.
Had to modify/fit new axles as the cost of Tamiya tyres were more per each than the tyres for my passenger car, and fitted after market wheels/tyres.
Battery power now comes from a 2s 18650 battery and the charger is a module(again from Ebay) which plugs into a standard 5v usb plug pack.
Old unit was a massive 7.2v nicad hump pack.
Great to get new life into a model I bought for the two boys over 30 years ago.

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