1811 CD-ROM motors

From brushed to brushless
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1811 CD-ROM motors

Post by Sundancer » 22 Jul 2020, 11:32

These are excellent little motors, extremely good and useful for quite a wide range of smaller models and I have a number of them in models like Frog Witch and Rubberdub converted rubber jobs, Smeed Flipper, Frog Tarquin and Lulu gliders and Elipstik 260 tailless. The Elipstik performs really well, but the motor in it went sick a few weeks ago and I discovered that my source in the UK for the motors no longer had them. Looking on the Internet Bangood listed them but I decided to try AliExpress.com. I ordered two, getting a discount so that the total cost, including carriage, was just over 15 euros, delivery was promised "by 1st August" and they arrived on 20th July, not bad all the way from China, especially with the problems we have had with "La Poste" in France during the virus emergency, complete with mount, alternative prop saver and spinner clamp prop drivers, and even including the "O" ring for the former and an allen key. OK, it is only one order, but I am impressed by the service and will certainly try them again. In fact I can feel a four motor behemoth like Colonel Blink's Invader coming on!!

My photographer wife was so impressed by the shiny little artifacts ("Oh, aren't they pretty") that she insisted on using one as the subject of an "arty" shot!
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Re: 1811 CD-ROM motors

Post by Stew » 23 Jul 2020, 14:16

I was looking for a source of these a while ago and got one off Ebay. They're good little motors. I put mine in a single channel Vic Smeed Poppet and it powered it nicely with a 12A esc and 450Mah Lipo. I think the prop was a 5X4 or something close.

Colonel Blink
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Re: 1811 CD-ROM motors

Post by Colonel Blink » 28 Jul 2020, 10:20

Just in case anyone missed it....... 4 x D1811; 4 x 10A ESCs; 1 x 2200mAh 60C 2S lipo.....

[and not a wobbly wing in sight ;) ]

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