S/C Sketch with add. throttle button

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S/C Sketch with add. throttle button

Post by tiptipflyer » 13 Sep 2018, 08:25

Hi guys,

here is the Attiny85 sketch, I am using in several of my S/C replica transmitters like the O.S. Pixie, the Engel Handy, the Citizenship etc.
It has a seperate throttle button and is therefore a two button unit.

The first button controls rudder, either in compound mode or sequential mode, and kick-up elevator.
The mode will be selected by just switching the unit on for compound mode, or by pressing the button during switch-on for sequential mode.

The second button controls the throttle in sequential way (off, half, full, half, off....).

This simplifies the use of sequential rudder or escapements on electric driven planes.
Other features are inactivity buzzer and low voltage alert. It also has provision for rubber escapement use on channel four.

The sketch is based on Phil´s (Phil_G) 7ch proportional code, by removing all parts, which are not necessary for this simple transmitter and adding a few other things.
The low voltage alert part is based on Ron´s sketch (ronstv).
Many thanks to Phil and Ron and all the others programmers here, I learned a lot by just studying their work carefully.
Due to its simplicity, this sketch is also great to understand what´s going on in this sketch.

Use it at your own risk and have fun.
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