GG recoder for genuine Rands with cyclic throttle

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GG recoder for genuine Rands with cyclic throttle

Post by Phil_G » 28 Jul 2019, 17:03

Heres a variation of the DigiSpark GG recoder for genuine Rands with the cyclic throttle.
The Rudder & elevator functions are unchanged, same mark/space and rate response as always, but now a third channel input controls the bridge as follows:
Channel 3 > 1650uS equivalent of full tone, bridge held one way
Channel 3 neutral (+/- 150uS) normal mark/space and rate operation
Channel 3 < 1350uS equivalent of no tone, bridge held the other way.
Ideally of course you need a sprung-centred channel, or an "up/down" toggle or buttons, otherwise you have to remember to manually centre it.

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