Lockdown entertainment - fly in your yard!

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Lockdown entertainment - fly in your yard!

Post by Phil_G » 26 Jun 2020, 12:23

These 7" wingspan electric planes from Banggood are fantastic value, for £14 post-free you get the model, transmitter, lipo, charger and spare props all ready to go. It flies brilliantly with much more climbing power than my old X-Twin and a fully proportional control of steering and throttle. The tranny takes 3x AAA cells and the lipo charger is powered from any USB source. They fly quite slowly (but not Vapour slow) and with practise I'm sure you could manage circuits in a large-ish living room. The feedback comments say people are also using their Multimodules to control it (Jumper, Taranis etc) so anyone who has used a Multi module to convert a retro radio is good to go! This also means you can fly it on the button :) Set the protocol to FK606 (its an XN297L chip).
The supplied transmitter is small & toy-like but works perfectly well. And since control is just steering and throttle, its all in keeping with the mode-zero philosophy!


Best of all they come from the UK branch and mine arrived the day after I ordered it! I might buy another to leave in the van. Brilliant!

https://www.banggood.com/KFPLAN-KF606-2 ... rehouse=UK

Remember though that although they call it a 'glider' with the motors off, you've no steering!
The description says it has "Wind-driven aerodynamics" so by flying it you're helping to save the world, I'm totally convinced :D

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