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Re: MPJet?

Post by Twitcher » 13 Nov 2018, 20:32

For those of you who don't know, I thought it might help if I explained the situation at FliteHook.

A few years ago, Pauline's health began to deteriorate and she now lives in a care home. John spends a lot of time with her and consequently isn't always around at home to take calls. Bear in mind too that he's extremely deaf and struggles to hear, both face-to-face and on the phone. He's not great on the computer either and I think he struggles to cope with emails. A difficult set of circumstances, all round.

But as far as I know, he is still trading, though I'm not sure to what extent. I do know he's gradually winding down the business, although he does still run his monthly indoor flying sessions at a local sports hall. A personal call at his home, by arrangement, is likely to be the best way to get stuff.

It's always worth giving him a ring (early in the day is best) as he usually has a stock of excellent and very keenly-priced balsa, as well as fuels, glues etc. I believe he no longer stocks new engines but if you ask nicely, he might be able to help you!

It's also worth mentioning that he has a unique telephone manner! He always says "Hello. John here" in a flat monotone. Don't be put off! - he's a good man and will always do his best to help you.

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Re: MPJet?

Post by Stew » 26 Feb 2020, 16:02

As a little update, sadly Johns wife Pauline has passed away, but John is still trading, and is a gem of a guy.
See him at the shows he gets to, or contact via email. (I never tried the phone as he's hard of hearing and I just don't do phones anyway). Don't expect a lightning fast response, but he does get there and will help you out if he can. Everyone, especially the vintage community, has a lot of respect for him.
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