'Tried to go gliding......

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'Tried to go gliding......

Post by PaulJ » 05 Apr 2019, 21:46

It had been a windy day with a forecast for it to back and moderate a bit so I thought I would risk a trip to the only "slope" within a reasonable distance. At a guess only around 100 ft high, overlooking the sea just North of Felixstowe..... 'Not a great site but it's all we have in Suffolk!
I was expecting the wind to be around ESE 12 Knots or so and took my 30+ y/o kipper, "Lapwing 7"
When I got there the wind had reduced to only 8 Knots and had backed a bit more than I was hoping and was about 20-30 deg off the slope........ There just wasn't enough lift and I was lucky to get it back to the top in one piece......! :| It was a long drive for just 2 minutes flying. :cry:

Oh well, we have easterlies forecast for the next week or so, so let's see what the weather gods have in store.


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Re: 'Tried to go gliding......

Post by NeilMac » 06 Apr 2019, 08:39

At least you gave it a go.

I am lucky to have a good slope within a few minutes drive, the trouble is we have had nothing but either very light onshore breezes, which mean I end up flying my mini DLG at the top of the slope, or the wind has been from the West, so great on Crooks Peak but offshore locally and so of no use to me.
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