Battery replacement?

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Battery replacement?

Post by PaulJ » 13 Apr 2019, 13:39

At the end of last season I gave most of my lipos a "storage charge" and stuck them in a draw until this week when I started using them again. I have cycled them to check that the capacity is still ok and most of them have been fine but a couple are down to about 60% of their nominal capacity. The batteries in question are only used as receiver batteries in gliders and diesel powered models so do not need huge capacity and 60% is still enough to be able to use them. My question is...... Once it starts to reduce, will capacity suddenly drop off or is it a slow, steady decline so that as long as I check the capacity every two or three of weeks, they should be safe to use for a while yet. Or will it reduce quickly from one week to the next?

Also, one battery has hugely "Puffed up" but still seems to have 100% of it's nominal capacity. I seem to recall reading that it is ok to use but it is now so fat that it won't fit into it's allotted space! Can you prick them to release the pressure and get back to their original size?


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Re: Battery replacement?

Post by Martin » 13 Apr 2019, 14:08

I've pricked some 'puffed' ones - though I'm sure it's not recommended. I was careful to prick only the wrappers and not accidentally touch the innards. Once I'd let the (I think) hydrogen gas out, I used a bit of diamond tape (that high quality clear sticky tape) to re-seal over the hole(s).

On the capacity question, I think what you're doing sounds perfectly fine - in fact you're being a lot more cautious and diligent than most of us are. I'd only check the capacity once a year or so, except in the case of incidental capacity checks when recharging.

You should always factor in the monetary, or sentimental value of the model. There's no point risking a very valuable model for the sake of a ten-quid battery.

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