Evaluation Rudder only PIC test results

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Evaluation Rudder only PIC test results

Post by jmendoza » 11 May 2019, 18:50

Hi Phil,
I tried the eval Adams clone PIC you sent and noticed it seems to drift a little at neutral, it likes to favor the direction it was last moved to, meaning it will stay a little left of neutral if left was the last command, and vice, versa. Using the rudder trim it is possible to center the actuator, but it does not consistently return to the same neutral position. I'm using a Tobe RO actuator, they do not have a centering spring.

Jay Mendoza

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Re: Evaluation Rudder only PIC test results

Post by Tobe » 12 May 2019, 05:33

Jay, the issue is not the PIC. The reason is that the stops are not hit hard enough in the movement, the same happens with a GG actuator if the spring in not strong enough. It's the penalty when you don't use a spring however in flight you will not notice the drift as the set up in a plane not least due of the hinges will give a slightly centering force. Old Adam's behaved the same if the stops were not tight enough or the voltage low. At what voltage are you running the Clone?
I have this set up in all my R/O.
My dad in his home built GG actuator did not used a spring as he just relay on the "spring forces" in hinges.
I could supply you with a different gear ratio but the motor will go warmer just let me know.
In Phil's new recoder with the ATtiny85 you can change the pulse and in such way optimize it.
Wise of all this I have designed the Mini/Micro Actuator where you can choose between with or w/o centering spring and other configurations and where you can set the tension of the spring at leisure.
This actuator will be an open source soon to be publish in a major magazine together with Phil's "new recoder" based on the ATtiny85. Hopefully it will be an entry port for the DIY to the flapping world in the old spirit of the tinkering modeler.



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