Support your LMS? I dont think so...

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Re: Support your LMS? I dont think so...

Post by Ralkbirdy » 16 May 2019, 20:46

Robotbirds - good experience, BRC bloke unhelpful, just variation on experience.

I have had opened goods and found them to be returns, I would expect any internet order to only have unopened goods in full original packaging.

Shops main income probably comes from internet postal orders and so business has to keep profitable while competing with hobbyking. Shops are a difficult area to work in now, they have to find a way to stay competitive when many people do internet shopping for the precise component they need and get the best price. I would not want to try running one.

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Re: Support your LMS? I dont think so...

Post by VC10 RON » 17 May 2019, 07:15

Model shops are the easiest way to become a millionaire............If your a billionaire that is :D

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Re: Support your LMS? I dont think so...

Post by Wodeny » 17 May 2019, 22:21

Hi, as a regular at Leeds model shop for years (in store and online depending if I need a prop urgently from an unexpected arrival :lol: ) I can say the previous comments regarding not been able to get your hands on stuff is not entirely true as you can get your hands in the shop space on linkages, control horns, wheels, tools etc. When I want to look at something which is not on display they will just bring it to you and you can look and compare etc and give advice. If you let one person round the back everyone has to go so I can see why they don't want you round there do they let you look round the warehouse in Argos? Unfortunately in retail you can get some personality clashes. I'd rather support Martin and his team than some faceless online retailer working out of a shed UK or from China

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