Often forgot about but boats are a great way for the youngsters to get into radio control or even the oldies!
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Re: Nice

Post by Spike S » 11 Oct 2019, 08:25

"Just need a boat kit now"
Why not get the whole experience? Vic Smeed and Phil Smith (VERON) both had an extensive range of simple boat plans that should be easily available. :) ... tory/25911
If you really don't want to DIY, many of those originals are now available as kits from Belair.
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Re: Nice

Post by Stew » 11 Oct 2019, 10:40

Got to love that box art.
I'm trying to decide what to build at the moment. Hopefully the weather will be good on Sunday so I can get down the club and get some inspiration. I do like laser cut stuff, apart from the bonfire smell!
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Re: Nice

Post by bluejets » 12 Oct 2019, 02:33

Must have built half a dozen of those little Police Launch over the years for the kids.
Still one here now.
It survived the 2013 flood by simply floating around and coming to rest on the workbench, stand and all.
Uses a small brushless motor and also has a "picaxe diesel sound" built in that is speed regulated via the throttle, nav lights etc.

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