Transposed VCR and gnd pins

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Transposed VCR and gnd pins

Post by Wayne_H » 09 Nov 2019, 00:02

While 'commissioning' my fuse burner, I tried 2 different displays that I had on hand - both were 0.96", one a yellow/blue and the other a white OLED. The yellow/blue OLED had the 4 pins arranged as per Phil's veroboard layout - GND, Vcc, SCL, SDA - but the white OLED had transposed Vcc and GND pins - ie Vcc, GND, SCL, SDA. The yellow/blue OLED worked but with the expected blank lines. I made a patch lead to swap the GND & Vcc around for the white OLED and it worked perfectly, so it wasn't a case of mis-labeling.
Transposed power pins
Has anybody else come across this? All my OLED displays have come via fleabay or Bangood.

Regardless, be warned :shock:

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