Reeduino buddy box

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Re: Reeduino buddy box

Post by PaulJ » 25 Dec 2019, 09:13

jmendoza wrote:
24 Dec 2019, 18:47

So sould I try using the reeduino on my simulator first to get used to the control layout?

As a proficient Mode 2 propo flyer for longer than I can remember, I confess to really having struggled "converting" to Mode 1 in later life when I built one of Phil's Tiny 6 Reed trannies. I would also suggest that you keep it simple for your first efforts. Just use a nice stable Rudder / Elevator / Throttle model. That was quite enough for my poor old brain to cope with! :oops: And yes, I too struggled with co-ordinating throttle and elevator for the landings..... I just didn't seem to have enough thumbs! :roll:


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Re: Reeduino buddy box

Post by Tobe » 25 Dec 2019, 12:21

I have probably mentioned it before but quite many flew mode II on reed also! Both dad and I flew reed on mode II which was quite helpful in controlling the model on the ground. From about mid video you will see dad flying reed...all included :o :?
If necessary we kept our thumbs on rudder and elevator and assisted with index & middle finger on elevator & throttle.

...and from time to time the camera is focused on my twin & I with my mother as in those days it was quite common to be the full family at the flying field.

It has to mentioned that many of the former "Reed fliers" continued pulsing all their life also when they moved over to proportional.

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Re: Reeduino buddy box

Post by drigotti » 25 Dec 2019, 14:38

Here's how I made MY reed tx as a standalone "transmitting" unit OR as a slave to a SPEKTRUM tx.
I used a toggle switch wired as shown below. When the toggle is towards the antenna it is in transmitting mode. When toward the buddy box cord jack it is in buddy box or slave mode. Simple.
Dave Rigotti

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Re: Reeduino buddy box

Post by jmendoza » 25 Dec 2019, 18:28

I had an idea....

Uh-oh, look out guys, he's trying to think again!

OK here goes: On the Reeduino, how about using a jack for the mini phono trainer cord, and connecting the tip to PPM (D0) and the sleeve to ground Bind the plane to the master Tx, plug in the cord to the master Tx and then the master/slave switch will select the reeduino or master, correct?

If I want to save battery power, the reeduino module can be unplugged from the Arduino.

I'm assuming trims will need to be set up for no shift when going from master to slave.
This could be done by flying on master first, set the trims, land, and then set-up the Slave/ Reeduino trims to match.

After writing all this, I see why Phil made his comments!! :)

Merry Reedmas

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