Assorted txs & bits - Free to a good home

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Assorted txs & bits - Free to a good home

Post by Wayne_H » 06 Jan 2020, 03:57

I'm cleaning up before moving. Free to a good home, you pay postage.
  • An RCM&E Super Tone rx & tx pcbs. I've had these for years - I made the TX board in the early 70's after being given the Rx while still in high school. I was told the Rx had an intermittent fault, but as I didn't get either working at the time, I don't know more than that :oops: I have copies of the original articles (somewhere?)
RCM&E Supertone tx + rx boards
  • a Controlaire Mule tx pcb + antenna, never used.
  • Also assorted EK, Futaba, Hitec & JR proportional tx encoder pcbs all circa mid-late 70s.
  • Futaba 4 ch tx (squarish brown plastic case) complete, 29Mhz. Would make a great first conversion project!

I can post pics if requested. If there is interest, I could bundle the whole lot & send it over to Ponty for attendees to pick through?!? I would rather give this stuff away in the hope that somebody would use it, rather than bin it and deprive anybody the opportunity to try and use it. In reality, the 'orphan' pcbs would best suite an electronics buff, but who knows???

Once a Retrobate, always a Retrobate............ ;)

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