Single-Channel & Retro R/C Event 2020 postponed

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Single-Channel & Retro R/C Event 2020 postponed

Post by Phil_G » 23 Mar 2020, 14:49

Hi everyone, you've most probably been expecting this but I can confirm that we are having to postpone the 2020 event until the Coronavirus situation is cleared. Pontefract Park comes under the jurisdiction of Wakefield Council and whilst they have asked that all gatherings of this nature are postponed, we were in any case at the point of making that decision ourselves - basically they have confirmed our thoughts that Ponty is more of a social gathering than a sporting event and as such represents an unnecessary health risk. Most of us are no longer spring chickens, which in itself puts us as a group at a higher risk. The health of ourselves and of our families obviously comes first, and we do need to heed the advice to reduce the general load on the NHS so they can concentrate on the matter at hand.

Rest assured that the Single-Channel & Retro R/C Event will return, its impossible to say when at this stage and its pointless nominating a future date that is quite likely to suffer the same fate. When the time is right we will make an announcement here, but for now we should all be reducing the chances of contagion by staying at home as far as possible and following all the hygiene advice - now wash your hands!

Stay healthy


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