various alternative fuels

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various alternative fuels

Post by bluejets » 13 May 2020, 02:14

Site with many engine tests, some with variety of r/c model diesel fuels and the outcomes.
Don't know about other places, but here in Aus, getting hold of ether in small quantities is almost impossible.
A couple of enquiries have replied saying they have a "club purchase" for certain events which is fine for them but not much help to me.

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Re: various alternative fuels

Post by Stewart » 13 May 2020, 03:56

Easiest way to get small amounts of ether , is John Deer starting fluid , it comes in 7oz pressure pack cans. The contents are 80% ether and the remaining is butane as propellant-(may also have upto %5 lubricant)
To use- 1/place can in freezer to chill contents, 2/then without shakeing contents invert can and spray out the gas 3/ let can rest to come to room temp 4/ invert and spray out remainng gas ( the double degassing loses less ether) 5/ turn can upside down and cut off base with can opener and pour out your ether (now 95-100% ether) -use ether as normal in your fuel mix.
re those alternative fuels - yes you can run most diesels on little or no ether - but its very hard on conrods as higher compression is needed fire the kero( or alternate fuel)

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Re: various alternative fuels

Post by iflylilplanes » 14 May 2020, 05:41

Have a look at the article ETHER-LESS DIESEL FUELS in this news letter...... ... %20160.pdf

Brian Winch AKA: "The Wizard Of OZ" did a lot of research into ether alternatives.

I may try number 2 myself when my $40 1 litre can of diesel runs out.




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