Babcock Mk V Escapement

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Re: Babcock Mk V Escapement

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This is exactly what my late father tried to teach me when he gave a better home to my Guided Mite! Full story included...some people are blessed with "Magic thumbs"
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Re: Babcock Mk V Escapement

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That is a great article and a great story! Like you, I learned to fly pulse R-O and never had success with escapements until recently. There's something about having just one button that makes it very satisfying to fly a well adjusted model. I also like working with the old hardware itself, worrying over having enough winds on the rubber band and the adjustment of the torque rods and free-swinging hinges. These models were built around the radio, not like today where the radio can almost be snapped or glued in! On the Babcock installation I had the entire installation running and tested before I finished sheeting the fuselage. I still remember studying pictures of the radio installations in the old books and magazines to try and understand how it was done before I ever owned an RC set. I have flown original equipment on 27MHz with escapement, actuator, and Galloping Ghost set ups of different brands. The Mattel pulse R-O was the unit I had my first success with in the 1970's, installed in a Jr. Falcon with a Cox .049 (see photo). I flew that model all summer long until I decided to put the radio in a different plane.

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Re: Babcock Mk V Escapement

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A nice story, well written....... Thanks Tobe! :P

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