'Been flying.....

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'Been flying.....

Post by PaulJ »

I had a surprise visit from Ken Binks today and well........ we just had to go flying. The only thing I had charged and ready to go was my new Mini Robot using the new Lemon receiver and the OS Pixie which is my first use of the Lemon Tx module. I'm pleased to report that the whole combo, including Ken, performed faultlessly and having not flown single channel for 55 years, he came away muttering something about needing to build another Baz Bomb! :o
'Really good session until........ rain stopped play. :roll:

Ken Binks
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Re: 'Been flying.....

Post by Ken Binks »

Thanks Paul great fun😜
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Re: 'Been flying.....

Post by Shaun »

Chatted with Ken today. He's hoping to come to Ponte this year.

Good to see he's still an accomplished button man...

The Bazz Bomb is a hoot to fly .....go on - Ken build another one.

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