SIMPRO III question.

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SIMPRO III question.

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Hi Guys,

I am trying to answer a question in the German RC-network forum with regards to the workings of the SIMPRO III electronics ... .11862475/. I figured it out, and later found this ... 0Nov67.pdf , confirming my findings.

The one thing I don't understand, and is not clearly explained in the article, is the following:
Every time the incoming pulse from the Rx changes polarity of the first half-bridge, the second reed relay is triggered and stays in the ON-state determined by the 54 mF capacitors, after which it goes OFF for a period determined by the repeat time of the pulse polarity changes. By changing the frequency of the incoming ON-OFF pulses this will result in a variable pulse ratio for the elevator drive motor.

The thing I don't quite understand is that this triggering of the elevator reed relay happens at every change of the incoming pulse polarity, and as long as the ON and OFF periods are equal (rudder neutral), the elevator reed relay ON-OFF ratio is dependant on the frequency only. But as the rudder is deflected, the ON and OFF periods of the incoming pulse will not be equal, and this will have an effect on the OFF period of the elevator reed relay, and hence on the elevator position.
The only explanation I can think of is that this influence is a very fast variation, and the differences will cancel out when you keep the period of the incoming pulse constant and only change the ratio.

Any thoughts?

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Re: SIMPRO III question.

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Re: SIMPRO III question.

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Sure is GG in a dual pack, high rate version, high pulse rate (12-16PPS at neutral) also called, steady ghost. One actuator of the 2 actuator had the also incorporated the throttle control that occurred as the actuator was cycled.
When running dual pack there was a decoder/switcher that sorted things out but there still was an interaction between the different inputs. The decoder/switcher use the UL914 which now is almost impossible to find with the exception if you cannabilise some old World Engines electronics.
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