S/C USB Games controller using a DigiSpark ATtiny 85

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S/C USB Games controller using a DigiSpark ATtiny 85

Post by Mike_K » 30 Jul 2019, 19:09

I'd planned to go S/C flying today to keep my S/C practice up, but the weather was wet and windy so I thought I'd use my flight sim. Bugger, I'd lent my USB joystick interface to a friend.

But I had a DigiSpark ATtiny85 USB kick starter on my desk, so wondered if I could program it to be a S/C games controller? Using the joystick example that comes with the DigiSpark distribution as the basis, I had it up and running within an hour, about the fastest Arduino project I've ever done. And the least components as well, just the DigiSpark and a switch. It emulates a compound escapement with 2 position throttle and kick-up elevator. The switch can be connected between 0 and 1, 0 is the input and 1 has been programmed as an 0V output. Alternatively, connect the switch between 0 and 0V.

I don't think Phil will like it as you don't have to cut the USB connector off, in fact, you definitely need to keep it!!

And I didn't bother with a USBASP, or other ISP, I just programmed it via the normal usb interface and bootloader with the 16.5MHz option. By the time you've connected it and loaded your flight sim software, the bootloader has timed out and it is recognised as a "DigiKey" games controller. But it should work equally as well programmed with a USBASP.



PS we just need somebody to "make" a S/C model for the PicaSim or other free flightsim. We would then have about the lowest cost flightsim setup you can imagine. Anybody up for it? I still use my old RealFlight 3.5 with a S/C model I made years ago. I have a genuine copy of RealFlight, but use a hacked version so that any usb joystick interface can be used. Unfortunately, it won't run on Win10, but it runs quite happily under Win7 in VirtualBox on Win 10 or Linux.
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