Three NewTobes

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Three NewTobes

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I tried out the new Rudder Only actuators Tobe sent me using the SOIC ATTiny chip. Using just rudder input they are high rate, which is actually nice as it is about 7 PPS. It is a simple matter to connect the elevator input to an aux channel to control the rate if so desired, but its fine as is for rudder only ;)

Tobe also sent a sample of the recoder for a Rand actuator, which is next on my list.The throttle feature will work perfectly with my Phil G GG encoder, making the system, other than electronics, as original as possible.

BTW, the TDK Dual Pak works great and has a aux input to set the pulse/dither rate of both actuators. .

During testing of the RO actuators, I tried them both together; one on rudder, the other on elevator, and found them to work just like a like the dual pack without rate/dither control. This adds a nice diversity to the system in that it is expandable.

Thanks Tobe,
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