Min-X GG set

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Min-X GG set

Post by Wayne_H »

Just before leaving New Zealand earlier this week, thanks to Albert the Dragon (aka Barry 8-) ) as intermediary, I procured a complete Min-X GG set - tx, rx & 2 actuators. I had never seen a Min-X radio in the flesh prior to this, so to come into possession of one was for me, akin to catching a unicorn!!

Anyway, it all went straight into the suitcase for safe passage back to AUS and straight to the top of my conversion bucket list. I haven't begun to unpack, so no pics as yet. I just needed to tell the world :roll:

Guess who's a happy camper 😏😂

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Re: Min-X GG set

Post by tiptipflyer »

Congratulations Wayne,
I also never saw a Min-X radio in the flesh before. That was really a great buy.
Have fun with it, it will make a great conversion.

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