How far north have you flown?

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How far north have you flown?

Post by Shaun »

Had a fly with the Inverurie club lads yesterday. North of Aberdeen near Miekle Wartle. Where you may ask? That's where Rose Leslie was born, star of Game of Thrones. Her dad has a castle or two up here, Wardhill Castle has been the family seat for over 800 years.
What a great flying site. Wind was gusting to 25mph, but apparently that's usual this time of year. Flew my little Hanky Planky. It was testing....should have kept the Lemon gyro stabilised Rx in. Still as one member said if you didn't learn to cope with the wind, you would miss out on a lot of stick time.

Looking forward to visiting them next trip over the wall. 😄👍

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Re: How far north have you flown?

Post by Pchristy »

Before I retired and moved "down south", I regularly attended the Scottish Heli Nats, just outside Aberdeen.

Wonderful and enjoyable event, but a very long haul from darkest Devon...!

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Re: How far north have you flown?

Post by Martin »

Back when I flew full scale gliders, I used to go to the Cairngorm Gliding Club, at Feshiebridge near Aviemore, for a week in October - when the wave lift was usually working. I got my gold height badge there, flying a Standard Jantar.

I used to borrow my dad's old VW camper van (a classic air-cooled 'bay window' model) to drive up there and to stay in, so I had plenty of room to throw in a few models to fly when there was no full size flying happening - either due to low cloud, or when everyone had finished for the day.

It's at about the same latitude as Aberdeen. That's the furthest north that I've ever flown a model.
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Re: How far north have you flown?

Post by PaulJ »

Umm........ Ponte for me! :oops:

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Re: How far north have you flown?

Post by F2B »

In summer 1993 we spent our holidays in Denmark.
Went all the way up to the tip of Jylland in Skagen as we had played there at Skagen Folkfestval years before.
No place for any sensible sloping.
A bit further SW though, near the village of Hanstholm, there are several good slopes and I stayed there for an afternoon of fun with my foam delta.

A few weeks ago the same site saw the F3F Worlds. It's about the same latitude as Aberdeen.
Last time in the UK - Bwlch, Wales (before covid struck):
F2B or not to be....
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Re: How far north have you flown?

Post by Tobe »

,,,in the UK it's Ponte for me and in Sweden outside the city of Luleå where i spent my first year of university otherwise at the time I flew corporate from time to time we crossed the pond and had always a scheduled stop in Reykjavik and had occasion to fly at the field of Þytur(Thytur), 5 km from Hafnarfjordur and 15 km from Reykjavik. The club has a nice facility with paved strip and a nice clubhouse.
Most South was when I was living in Florida, Fort Pierce down in Coral Gable.
Can't find any pictures at the moment but there should be a few somewhere in the stack but I got a few of Reykjavik from the air

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Re: How far north have you flown?

Post by Mike_K »

I think I've flown 10- 15 miles further north-west than you Shaun, when I lived in Aberdeen in the early 1980s we sometimes flew from Knock Hill, we went through Inverurie, on to Huntly and from there it stands out to the north as the only "bump" around. Fantastic site if you don't mind a trek, you park at around 200 feet up and have another 1200 feet to the summit. But you're rewarded with slopes for all wind directions and stunning views of the coast and the Cairngorms in the distance. You should take your friends along the next time you're in Aberdeenshire.

I've also flown a guest at RAF Kinloss (which I think is now shut?), which is a further 45 miles further north-west than Miekle Wartle, but I know there were clubs in Inverness and I believe Thurso and I saw a slope soarer in the distance in the Shetlands, but never worked out how to find the pilot or site with my hire car.

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Re: How far north have you flown?

Post by Wayne_H »

Winterthur Switzerland or Anchorage Alaska for me. Not as far north as you guys, but for a southern hemisphere colonial, that's a long way north :shock:

Once a Retrobate, always a Retrobate............ ;)
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Re: How far north have you flown?

Post by leccyflyer »

Managed to partially fulfil a long held ambition when I attended the Dallachy Model Club's fly-in several years ago. The club flies from the perimeter track of the RAF Dallachy airfield, on the Moray Coast, which was home to the Beaufighters of the Dallachy Strike Wing in WW2. I flew a few models from there, including my PZ Spitfire, which fulfilled the ambition of having flown there, but the second part of that ambition, to fly a model of a Strike Wing Beaufighter X remains unfulfilled. Have had a couple of visits, the club have at least one fly-in per year and one day I hope that I will manage to have a Beaufighter with me.
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