Chris Olsen UPSET II

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stuart mackay
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Chris Olsen UPSET II

Post by stuart mackay »

Got some air under the wings today of this Terry Westrop (RIP) built Chris Olsen designed Upset II.
Power is a rubber mounted Merco 61/ APC prop running on a pipe and controlled by a LemonRx module driving a Lemon 6 channel Receiver.
Unlimited vertical performance and very pure handling as you would expect from an airframe built by somoene of Terry's calibre.

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Re: Chris Olsen UPSET II

Post by Pchristy »

Interesting, as I've just bought the kit from BelAir as my winter project to replace my KingPin!

I'm probably going to make it electric, though I have a selection of decent .61s available. The main reason for going electric is that some of the local flying sites have restrictions on IC power flying, but not electric. I also happen to have a motor and batteries available from my heli conversions.

I was always a fan of Chris Olsen's designs, as they just looked right -- and if they look right, they usually fly right! :)

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