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Re: Repost: Martin's PPM tester

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Your 3D printed case is very nice! Would you be willing to share the STL file? I'd like to make one of these testers in a small case as you have done.

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Re: Repost: Martin's PPM tester

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No problem Al. Please find attached a zip containing both the .stl files, and the OpenScad design files in case you want to tweak the sizes a little and re-
export the .stl files using OpenScad (which is an excellent, and free, 3D CAD program).

But remember, this case was for the ATtiny85 version, with the 0.96-inch OLED. You'll definitely need to change the dimensions if you're using a Nano, or Pro Mini, or the larger 1.3-inch display. The dimensions are pretty easy to change though - mostly they're up at the top of the OpenScad files:

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width = 29.8; // internal width to suit board
height = 40; // height to suit board
depth = 18; // internal depth of bezel
wallThk = 1.5;
windowWidth = 23.5;
windowHeight = 13;
windowTop = 6;
It's been ages since I printed mine, and I only ever printed the one. I think it worked okay without needing any fettling, but there are no doubt improvements that could be made if you intend to print several.
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