E-VCC simple

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E-VCC simple

Post by franck »

do you know this timer for E-VCCl, very simple
https://vcc-indoor.monsite-orange.fr/pa ... 0821d.html
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Re: E-VCC simple

Post by MaxZ »

Hi Franck,

What a coincidence, I have just spent a whole week to develop a similar timer on the basis of a ProMini. My concept is much simpler that the one you present, I am just using a pair of jumpers to choose between 3 different preset run times, and a variable resistance to set the motor speed. Delayed start and slow start/stop is provided. I am using a regular Rx bind plug to set off the sequence.

Yours is much more refined, but at the same time requires a lot to remember when you want to make changes at the field without your PC........

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