Credit where it belong from Tobe

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Credit where it belong from Tobe

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Dearest friends,
Now I can see an end to this my project to build a DIY R/C set up, it has been an amazing journey in which I had occasion to approach issues that I never thought I would, and it has been an amazing experience which has also introduced me to new disciplines.
Many items are my own and I do not have to credit anyone except to all of you for incitement to proceed but there are other parts that would never been completed w/o the previous work of others, so credit must go where it is due.
The soul of this project that makes everything to work and move is the result of the hard work and dedication of Phil G. which I am extremely proud to have as a dear friend because and w/o him and his work everything that I have developed and built would have been just dead items w/o soul, Phil gives the soul to project like this-
So, Phil, w/o you nothing of all this would have happen and no words can express properly my immense gratitude.
Second, I must thank Mike K. that from the day he entered my life has been of great help, assistance, and mentor in those discipline I lack knowledge in not least for the time he has spent answering all my stupid questions.
To get to the point it must be said that all this is the result of an amazing teamwork where each one has contributed with his expertise…to be honest how many projects have you seen that covers this width mechanically, electronically and software wise done by some happy chaps on their spare time and making all accessible? …but do not forget that none of this would have been possible w/o Phil so credit where it belongs, THANK YOU PHIL

Last but not least, remember to give the right credit and if you are not sure ask!

Cheers and all the best

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Re: Credit where it belong from Tobe

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Just spotted this, sorry for the late response, domestic problems mean I'm not around much lately... Image
Thanks Tobe, I'm humbled (again) but as always these things are rarely down to one person. What I particularly like about this forum, or rather my friends on this forum, is the joint nature of many projects, the new ideas and the variety of contributions, the sharing and problem solving, always learning (some faster than others, eh Tobe? Image ) and always on the ball with new components and gadgets. Recently things have really taken off and homebrewing has elevated to a professional level like never before - and whilst the clever guys forge ahead, I'm trying my best to keep up Image Its great and long may it continue Image
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