Show what you fly with...

Any old or new electronic projects on the go
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Show what you fly with...

Post by Tobe »

Here are a few pics of what I fly with the most Tx wise....only exceptions are my 'choppers that I fly with a JR 9303
A few projects on the shelf!
Here are my "Gold series" with a 4ch & a6ch on the sides of my Single Stick.
Note on the side: throttle control which has also the trim, timer, push button, throttle hold, toggle switch for gear and AUX channel
…and here are my GG Tx
There are a few more but are not used so they are relegated to the darkest corner.
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Re: Show what you fly with...

Post by Pchristy »

Here's three of my favourites:

ImageDSC00655 by Peter Christy, on Flickr

A trio of Ace MicroPros. The one on the left is the first one I acquired and is fitted with one of my home made 459MHz RF modules. The middles one (cuddle box) is on 2.4GHz, using a FrSky "hack" modules, and I use it for my aerobatic models. (I love the single-stick layout!). The one on the right is a recent acquisition and is on 35 MHz.

These were pioneering outfits in their day, and still have many unique features. They all date from the 1990s, have 8-channels, 8 model memories and I forget how many mixers, but its quite a few! Also include V-tail and similar mixers. On the two-stick versions, the trims are "crossed", with the trims by the LH stick operating the RH trims, and vice versa (handy when you have a wildly out-of-trim model) as well as an auto-trim function. You can also download your model memories to a computer and back, as well as edit them. Provided, that is, that you still have a computer that runs DOS! :lol:

The sticks are gorgeous!

I also still have my prototype 459MHz transmitter, along with the prototype receiver, still flying my MicroMold Lark helicopter:
Image100_2197 by Peter Christy, on Flickr
Image100_2188 by Peter Christy, on Flickr

The UHF radio dates from the early 80s, and the Lark (now fitted with a Linnet fuselage, and sometimes flown flybar-less) from 1974.

I use this Royal Classic transmitter (FrSky "hack" module) to fly my Jackdaw:

ImageDSCF1633 by Peter Christy, on Flickr

I originally intended to use my giga-ized Grundig reed outfit on the Jackdaw, but it needs very nimble fingers on the sticks on take-off - even with proportional - so the Grundig now flies my Robot:

ImageDSCF1914 by Peter Christy, on Flickr

I also have an early Taranis X9D and a newer X10s, which I use mostly for my helicopters, along with some JR gear (PCM-9 and DSX-9), but they are all modern and boring! :lol:

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Re: Show what you fly with...

Post by Pchristy »

P.S: This arrived in the post today, along with receivers, servos and other assorted goodies!

ImageDSC00656 by Peter Christy, on Flickr

Whilst I don't have anything to fly it with at the moment, I will be building furiously over the winter!

Looks like its going to be raining all day tomorrow, so I'll try and get pictures of the other items then!

I think I have a new, favourite outfit!


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Re: Show what you fly with...

Post by _AL_ »

Very little flying here for months due to lockdown, with the exception of an Eflite Vapour in the back yard so I don't go completely mental.

I normally use a Taranis for my slope soarers & an X10 for my power planes but I still fly the Chatterbox with a 71 Kraft & the Impala with a replica reeds set.
My favorite single channel was the Tomboy but it flew away unfortunately. I'll build another soon.
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