Mike meets Tobe

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Mike meets Tobe

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I think 🤔 that's time to show what happens when 2 mind meet.
..voila the MikePelle, a fully DIY Tx with Mike giving the soul and I'm giving the structure.
All info is out there on the forum
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Re: Mike meets Tobe

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It looks fantastic Tobe, a lovely near installation. In fact you have installed the encoder board in a completely different way to what I'd envisaged, but it looks like it'd been planned like this from the start. it just shows how creative members of the forum are. And it isn't just Tobe, of the five encoders I've given to friends, only one has been installed as I'd planned (Rob's Digi-Fleet FM), the others are all having a different interpretation of the installation. I look forward to the end results.

Cheers Mike
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