DIY Stick

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DIY Stick

Post by Tobe »

I'm aware that most of us would do more home brews radio if we could have a stick assembly available more easily and probably even better if we could make them our self with the help of the 3D printer that has been an addition to many shops.
For this reason I have designed a stick that can easily be printed in most printers using PLA as there are no critical tolerances.
Part with a suffix x2 needs to be printed in couples.
In the .zip file you will find all parts and a .step file of the assembly for which you have to download a .step viewer to open the file.
For the building you need the printed, parts some 1,5 mm dowel pins and a few pots, the slider for the trim from Mauser and the 2 stick pot from Aliexpress. ... cycode=EUR ... 1802bOs0YL

If there is an interest I will put together a short instruction time permitting.
The size/dimensions are equivalent to most commercially available sticks.

Will update this post as necessary with additional information and pictures of the assembly

Update 09042022
I have modified the files so the part could be printed in MJF i.e. JLCPCB, cost per unit would be in the range of $ 25 + S&H
The original posted version prints fine in our FDM printers but JLCPCB considered some surfaces to thin so I have beefed them up.
The updated version will also allow for a slightly larger diameter for the 2 centering springs.

Some minor updates to minimize hands on on some parts and also the addition of a throttle option.
Please notice that the part Arch Zero need particular attention in the positioning of pin dowels to have the centering spring to work correctly, picture to come as I go along.
With this last update the plastic parts should be their final configuration

I have a set of part in production at JLCPCB so when I will receive them I will be able to "tell you" more if you are not going to print them by yourself or "chez" a friend

FDM printing settings are:
0,4 mm nozzle
0,14 layers
80% infill
Supports on
I normally print with raft
I use high ends ABS filaments for most of my projects but in this case PLA Tough or similar should do
Zero Stick Updated
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Zero stick.jpg
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Re: DIY Stick

Post by Small-RCer »

This part number


Seems to have a detent in the middle of the travel of the slide. It would give you a center of travel that you could feel.

Is there any reason why I should not use one with a detent?

The 7 files do not have the stl file for the knob that forms the handle of the stick.

It appears that you use threaded rods for the metal part of the stick. What diameter is the threaded rod or is it a long bolt?

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Re: DIY Stick

Post by Tobe »

It's a work in progress so there will be further updates as I play with it and see necessary actions to minimize processing or steps that requires particular attentions so stay tuned as there will be also a version for throttle.
Haven't got to the knob yet as I haven't decided the kind of shaft to be used as I would like to have the option to add a "single stick " knob as shown here that would require a hollow shaft :


for the time being the shaft is a piece of 4mm carbon fiber rod that could receive an 3mm insert so my regular Knob would fit.
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The shaft will have a tight fit in one of the Cross but need to be able to rotate slightly in the other one

Actually that pot as no detent and slides nicely all the way, the shoved picture on Mouser is generic. You will see that i use the full travel of the slider as por which will call for a larger resistor between the slider and the stick pot i.e. 15k-20k instead of the regular 10k.
I will add in the next few day some pictures for the assembly.

I don't use screws or threaded rods but 1,5 mm dowel pins where one side is press fitting and locked with a tiny drop of CA and if it's a shaft the other hole is slightly"oversized" just enough to turn freely.

If you go to the first post you will have an updated file included the throttle option.

Remember that's an ongoing project that will receive improvement/updates down the road time permitting as I still work for my "bread & butter" and have other projects going on in the shop not least as Ponte is approaching rapidly
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Re: DIY Stick

Post by Tobe »

Received from JLCPCB today and I'm impressed. Very high quality and the part came out as they were molded which gives the stick a look and feeling of any commercial. This is my first experience with printing MJF and dyed in China from always been using a local supplier and they are as good if not better!
The process is to send your file to them after which they review them and return with comments and only after your final approval you will have pay, the turn around is about 3 days + shipping.
I will however need to make a few corrections to get the correct tolerances and particularly the holes needs a little attention as size to get a snug fit of the dowel pins and as soon this is done I will make the new files available
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Re: DIY Stick

Post by Rafael »

Very interested , thanks !!
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