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Hello to everybody in antique radio land.
My modelling career starts in the early seventies with a bit of free flight and then control line, which I still do a bit of now and again. Started in RC in 1977 with a Skyleader Clubman 4 which served in many models including cars, boats, yachts and planes. The planes included a Veron Impala, Kamco Kadet and Cresent Bullit. These two were both powered by an OS FSR 40. The motor still runs perfectly and the radio now earns it's living in another Impala which has probably had more sets of radio in it than it has wing ribs!
Added to the radio collection over the years has been a Skyleader TSX, Futaba M4 (sold), another M6 series which was treated to a model avionics 35Mhz conversion, a Phoenix Model Products 35Mhz Tx and an MC24.
More up to date stuff I have two 388s, a 9X2 with an DJT FrSky Module, an A9 and a DSX9 that all get used fairly regularly.
Sitting in the boxes I have an MC20 because I like the idea of the patch aerial built in and an MZ24 because I was buying a couple of GR24 rxs and the bloke offered it to me at a price I couldn't say no to.
Having dabbled in many areas of rc modelling over the years I have always somehow been drawn back to Slope Soaring and currently fly mainly F3f though I do also have an F5j plane just for a bit of sport and do a bit of aerotowing too.
Mechanical and Electrical stuff is fine for me but once it gets into the realm of electronics I just try and keep the smoke inside, because you know that once you let it out it's all over!
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Welcome to the forum! ;)

Once a Retrobate, always a Retrobate............ ;)
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