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I have a Taurus too. Provenance is unknown, a friend at the club gave it to me as it had been hanging up in his shed for years. It seems to be pretty old. The colour scheme is identical to Ed Kazmirski's original, and both the wing and fuselage are covered with silk. It had been converted to electric, but I converted it back to IC with an OS 46ax. Flew very well but needed weight in the tail to get the CG right. I've now swapped the OS for an Enya .35. It's a bit lighter and smaller than the OS, so I mounted it a few mil further forward, which meant I could remove the tail weight, and I felt the Enya was a bit more "period correct". It flies like it's on rails and can do every manoeuvre I'm capable of throwing at it. My only small complaint is that the rudder is a bit small, which makes stall turns a bit tricky. Otherwise an absolute joy to fly.
Why would I buy something for $7 when I can make it myself with just $250 worth of equipment and materials.
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