Hello..from Kansas, Usa

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Stephen D
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Hello..from Kansas, Usa

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Hello Everyone,
I am an American living in the middle of the USA. My RC start happened when I was about 12 in Great Yarmouth on the east coast of England. I was fascinated by the beautiful blue McGregor’s in the local hobby shop. No money, so I convinced my father to help me build the tube transmitter and receiver from “Radio Control Models” (C.Author Pearson LTD). Couldn’t find batteries, so my dad eventually bought me a Futaba set.

Always flew/floated/ran rc from then to now. Am hooked on 2.4 conversions and also restoring vintage equipment to working condition and learn about them as I go. I am not an electronics whiz but I plod along until I figure it out!

Thanks for letting me in the groups!
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Re: Hello..from Kansas, Usa

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Hi Steve,

Welcome to the forum, it's a truely great place to engage with others from around the world with the same modelling interests/passion/obsession!! For some of us, like me, it's too late and there is no cure :lol: :lol:

Be sure to learn how to use the search function as there is a HUGE amount of knowledge already here for your use.

Again, welcome :D

Once a Retrobate, always a Retrobate............ ;)
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