Japan/Noble On/Off TX slide switch

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Japan/Noble On/Off TX slide switch

Post by Andyh »

Is there a source for the Japan/Noble 12 ear slide on/off switch with finger protection front mount as used in my Series 72 Kraft TX ?

I am also needing a replacement Electro Mech. RF output meter as mine has age cracked and corners broken off.

It did work hard in the 70s and eighties so I can`t complain.
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Re: Japan/Noble On/Off TX slide switch

Post by Pchristy »

I think I have a few Noble 4-pole changeover switches left somewhere. I grabbed them off Mick Wilshere when he retired! He also had some plastic housings for them, but I'm not sure if they are what you are referring to.

Have you got a picture?

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Re: Japan/Noble On/Off TX slide switch

Post by Wavemeter »

Andy I don’t have a new Noble switch but I do have a second hand one that can be cleaned up.
They are generally very neatly soldered then with rubber glue or similar spread over to secure the wires. So will be a bit of a fiddle. Will post to you FOC if you don’t find a new one
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