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My Sterling Mambo Project

Posted: 17 Apr 2018, 20:41
by E-Challenged
I have a lengthy thread on RC Groups about my full size electric powered Sterling Mambo project. I downloaded the plans and patterns from Outerzone to a USB stick and took them to a print shop where they were printed out full size. I did have a slight problem with the pattern sheet coming out slightly different sized than the plan sheet so that slots in the balsa sheet sides did not match the tabs on the formers. Good idea to check agreement of dimensions on plans versus pattern when having plans/patterns printed out.

I did a lot of head scratching to decide where to mount my Tobe GG actuator and how to connect pushrods to flapping rudder and elevator control surfaces. I had to run the elevator push rod underneath the lifting stab to accommodate the actuator's design. The rudder pushrod had to have a bent to come out the top rear of fuselage and engage the rudder control horn much like was shown on the Mambo's plans. I used Dubro EZ links that clip onto the pushrod copying Otto Diffenbach's setup. Note: I should have mounted the actuator a little further forward to make it easier to install EZ-links. Model CG should not require adding much if any nose weight despite long balsa sheet fuselage and short nose. I have the solid balsa nose bottom and sides added and it's looking quite Mambo-ish now. BTW I added some area to the rudder for snappier performance. I am not sure that I'm getting enough upward motion for the elevator and hope that I can adjust enough travel motion on my Aurora 9 transmitter without having to install a bellcrank.

the 2200mah lipo pack Lipo pack slides in place from behind the front former. I will have a removable lid held on with magnets for the area behind the firewall. I will use a Velcro strap to secure the 2200mah 3s lipo pack down between two balsa "rails" . I didn't want a bottom battery hatch. Note: I had to cut holes for the battery pack using my right angle Dremel attachment. Would have been better to cut battery holes in formers before assembly, Duh! as we say in the US of A

Wing will be held on with two rubber bands that hook to a single dowel in the "windscreen" and a dowel behind the wing same as on the original Mambo design.

Re: My Sterling Mambo Project-Flight Ready!!

Posted: 04 Jul 2018, 04:35
by E-Challenged
After a lot of delays, my Sterling Mambo is read for it's maiden flight. CG looks perfect with 2200mah 3S lipo right behind firewall. Wanted to add Cub yellow iron-on trim to wing and stab but it was too transparent, the red background showed through. If I can find some Monokote Cub yellow trim film, it will probably work being more opaque. Will report on the successful :?: maiden flight. The chick is my wife of 57 years.