A few minutes from Freetech Endurance 24 hour race

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A few minutes from Freetech Endurance 24 hour race

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My lads have hours of video from their recent endurance race, far too much to post so heres a brief clip as a taster:
The video starts as Alex (Latham) has just come in, the faffing on the left side of the bike is changing race-shift to road-shift (different riders, different preferences) then Dave takes a stint (30 minutes per rider). Taking it steady as the temp gauge was up at 112 !
The pass at 2:30 was GB Moto, a team of BSB riders...

They came 11th in class (grid was 58) not bad for a 1st endurance attempt I think. To have build a bike that lasts 24 hours of continuous thrashing, in a shed, is an achievement in itself! Race distance was just over 1000 miles.

Here's the start, Roo takes the first stint of many... its a bit manic till everyone settles down:

Kates vlog:

(Katie's behind the camera)
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