Annual fees

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Annual fees

Post by bluejets »

Just curious what you pay in the uk for annual fees to fly your creations around.

We had a major upheaval at the club here and reverted from AMAS insurance back to the old MAAA.

Club fees are AUD$170 and MAAA insurance AUD$130 so $300 per annum.
Everything going up I suspect.
Just under $6.00 per week so not too bad if one flys every week, but I'd be lucky to get out there once a month sometimes.
Thing is they closed the field (60 acre paddock mind you) still kept the membership and insurance dosh, during covid high.
One would wonder why when the spacing everywhere else was minimum 1.5 metres plus wear a mask but there ya go.
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Re: Annual fees

Post by Mike_K »

Club fees vary greatly, I'm a member of two local clubs (both 10 miles north-west of London) and their yearly fees are both £60 GBP (AUD $105) and both have two flying sites available. But the club in Norfolk (120 miles north-east of London) is only £20 GBP (AUD $35) and has the use of part of a disused WW2 airfield. Most club fees are probably somewhere between the two.

Most of us are members of the Britsh Model Flying Association, the national body, that includes third party insurance as part of the membership and it costs £40 GBP per year. On top of that is the CAA Registration fee for our operator licence £9 GBP per year. So combined it's £49 GBP or around AUD $90 ($60 USD).
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Re: Annual fees

Post by jackdaw »

Delyn Model club, North Wales
Club fee £10
Ground rent per member paid via club to land owner £30
BMFA £40
CAA tax £9

Large site, all week access, just off the A55 expressway, 15 miles and 25 minutes away.
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Re: Annual fees

Post by Pchristy »

Most clubs in my area charge around £50. Of course, on top of that is BMFA membership (most clubs require this for insurance purposes) and the CAA tax - neither of which is under the control of the club.

One club charges £80! This was introduced initially as a "one-off" to pay for repairs to the mower, but for some unfathomable reason, a small majority of members voted to keep it again this year!

My main club only charges £10. However, we have a very benevolent landlord who allows us to use two fields for free! He also provides a mower! We provide labour (mowing and running repairs) and fuel.

I should mention that our landlord is also an occasional modeller, so he benefits in kind. Still a good arrangement, though!


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Re: Annual fees

Post by Shaun »

My 2 clubs.
Ponte is around £30.00/ year
North Leeds £150.00/ year

LMA £30.00/year But that includes £25million insurance

So at around £5.00/week it's a lot cheaper than golf 👍
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Re: Annual fees

Post by Stew »

SAM 1066. Free. I'm mostly free flight.
Hardly ever fly RC these days, but I keep up with the single channel scene being a natural born tinkerer.
BMFA is non negotiable and is about £50
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Re: Annual fees

Post by Tobe »

Here are the annual fees for my club, KMFK- Kungsängens Modellflygklubb

equivalent to BMFA / KMFK / Totalt

Seniors 145:- / 330:- / 475:-

Family 175:- / 330:- / 505:- Covers one senior and all family member up to 21

Juniors 100:- / 230:-/ 330:-

Exchange rate is roughly Swedish Crowns 12 to 1 Pound Sterling
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Re: Annual fees

Post by _AL_ »

I guess it depends on where your club is & what costs it has to cover.

I'm in 2 clubs here in NSW & on the committee of one.
One is $145 including MAAA & club fees as we pay very little to get permission for the area we fly.
The other is $250 including AMAS & club fees as the cost of field hire is more & we have a shed onsite which cost a fair bit of money to build & maintain.

I hear a lot of complaining about how clubs are run but my experience is most of the committee holders aren't there because they want to be there, they are there because no one else will do it. That's certainly the case with me.
The Covid closures were out of everyone's control so the only winners were the insurance companies.
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Re: Annual fees

Post by iflylilplanes »

I'm in the Cronulla Model Aero Club in the south of Sydney, we were just given this years fees cost $210 AU for everything. I can keep flying in the glider comps for another year :D

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