Indian Mills .75

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Indian Mills .75

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A query for the "Mills" experts please .
I have an Indian Mills.75 just fitted to a Mini Robot to get back into S/C. I must have run the engine a long time ago as there was evidence of fuel residue. I decided to strip the needle valve to make sure it was clean. I marked the Hex on the tank side of the assembly so I could put it back as found. Cleaned the jet and reassembled which is my query. As taken apart the holes in the needle valve assembly were across the venturi but the needle valve is so large it virtually blocks the venturi so little air can get in (it is small at the best). If I turn the assembly 90 degrees I get full bore air into the engine. Which is the correct position please.

Trying to run the engine I seem to be very rich in either position as there is excess fuel being pumped from the exhaust ports but I can't get a consistent run, sometimes too rich or overcompressed. Had it running for a few seconds but it cuts before I can tune it.

Been many years since I have played with deisels. On my DC Spitfire the needle valve was much smaller and the hole in it faced downwards or on one I had with two holes was across the venturi.

I watched a video from an American who had this Indian Mills and It started easily and adjusted easily (I know it had been run and tuned beforehand)
Any advise would be appreciated.
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