'Soft' e-motor mounts

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'Soft' e-motor mounts

Post by Wayne_H »

Probably not new but worth (re)sharing :ugeek:

I've used this method, or variations, of soft mounting for a while now - works great with out-runners up to 2212 size. I use an ali cruciform mounting plate to get both the plate/motor mount rigidity and sufficient moment arm to the mounting screws. 5mm rubber grommets or rubber rings are positioned on the mounting screws between the ali plate and the firewall. As an added precaution to prevent excessive tightening/squashing of the rubber, I insert a small brass servo mounting bush in the rubber over the mounting screw(s).

Then, simply mount the ali plate north-south-east west. Tightening the bottom mounting screw gives more down thrust and tightening either east-west screw changes the side thrust. Simple & quick adjustment on the field when needed 8-)
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Re: 'Soft' e-motor mounts

Post by Shaun »

With a decent motor and a well balanced prop, vibration isn't a problem but the grommet idea is a great way to easily and quickly tweak the thrust lines at the field. I like it. :D

I've had a number of race star motors in the past and they are cheap for a reason; they can be very variable in quality. I've had a bearing go in a couple of flights, magnets that came loose and others that were acceptable but did vibrate at full power. On drones it's possible to see motor vibration traces from the flight controller black box logs and racestar were invariably always the worst. Using the same prop, lipo and esc as the constants, it was easy to compare various motors. Also they were always down on power when compared to better motors.

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