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RCGroups Rudder Only Build-Off

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Hope this is alright to announce an event on another group.

For any of you that may not already follow the Vintage and Old Timer forum on RCGROUPS, a new thread has launched for building and flying rudder only models with requests for suggestions on trimming and flying. In addition to the main thread, several build logs are getting underway. I put in a mention for this forum and for Phil and Shaun's page early on the main thread.

Perhaps some of you might like to join in. Models already underway are okay. There's no deadline. Motor control seems okay, but a kick-up elevator might surely be frowned upon...😱

Link to Vintage and Old Timer forum here:

https://www.rcgroups.com/vintage-and-ol ... signs-209/

You'll see the main thread as well as build logs that include ROB in the title.
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